Following the successful launch of the Lucentis HCP “Precision & Performance” campaign, I was assigned as Senior Art Director on the brand’s patient relationship marketing program.

The challenges of this assignment included the enhancement and improvement of Lucentis’ existing program while simultaneously participating in the development of a completely new one.

The visual images of Lucentis’ welcome letter, note card and email communications represent the enhanced existing program. In addition to simplifying and fine-tuning the visuals of this campaign, I was also responsible for quality control and for translation of the English-language copy into Spanish for a Hispanic audience. 

The visuals of the brochure and mailers—shown here positioned beneath the existing campaign—highlight the new Lucentis relationship-marketing program. The creative team strived to develop a patient-involving series of communications highlighted by a monthly patient story—one that the core audience could identify with. The team successfully urged the client to increase the budget to include custom photography in order to achieve a more realistic and impactful visual effect. As a part of the assignment I performed photographer review and recommendations, talent casting, location selection and styling direction.

At the conclusion of the project the goal of producing visual images that mirrored actual patient experiences was achieved, as was the crucial requirement that typography be enlarged for the vision-impaired audience—without compromising the clean, uncluttered design. Following the creation of the samples here, the program was expanded to include welcome letters, email blasts, and numerous other tactics.